Curd Filling Sealing Machine

Curd filling with foil sealing machines are used to foil-seal the cup. They work well for sealing plastic materials like PP, PS, PE, and PET. Our machines have numerous advantages, including fast speed and excellent sealing. Curd, shrikhand, suaces and lassi are filled in a variety of cup diameters. Curd cups can be filled with 100g to 400g of curd and 250g to 1kg of shrink-wrapped food. Using servo technology, curd filling with foil sealing machines is a versatile, high-speed rotary filling and closing machine. Pre-cut lids or reel-fed film can be sealed with clip-on over caps or a variety of other tamper-evident closures.

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Manual Cup Sealing Machine

Price: 60000 INR/Piece

cup Filling foil place and Sealing Machine

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Sauce Filling Machine

Price: 30000.00 - 95000.00 INR

Sauce Filling Machine


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